Welcome to L.I.V.E, created to expand our leadership programming to a virtual audience. Participants will read, discuss, debate, create and learn through innovative, age-appropriate activities and programming. As we retool our leadership and conflict resolution curriculum for this platform, more content will be uploaded and expanded year-round to include the works of Dr.’s Joseph and Evelyn Lowery and others.

Thank you to the Lowery Institute team and team of volunteers and partners who are contributing to this movement. There is something for everyone, and this is just the beginning. This season has truly provided an opportunity to retool, reassess and find innovative ways to serve. Thank you volunteer facilitators. You are true servant leaders and we sincerely appreciate you for being a part of our village. Our Lowery Institute Change Agents and Change Agent Alumni are credited throughout for their leadership.

Join us as we read together, learn together, debate together, march together and find solutions together.

Join us..for the common good.

Book Club

Participants can join as many book clubs as they choose as long as participation is met. Books selected to challenge your thinking and create great opportunities to discuss social justice issues. Our book clubs will include an engaging selection of activities specifically addressing the topics presented in the book particularly for the kid groups. THE HATE YOU GIVE is a book for 17 and above.
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Social Justice

Participants will examine issues in social justice, to include race, policing, criminal justice reform, and wealth disparities. Our emphasis will be on breaking the barriers to social mobility and the creation of safety nets and economic justice.
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Civic Engagement

Participants will focus on increasing voter participation and education. Programs will encourage servant leadership locally and globally. Phone polling is included as an activation.
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Health & Wellness

Program participants have the opportunity to learn new skills, increase their quality of life, maintain the physical fitness required to perform activities of daily living and help to avoid the incidence of disease brought on by stress and anxiety.
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S.T.E.A.M/ Tutoring

Our S.T.E.A.M/ Tutoring programs explore amination, coding and improve math skills. Our STEAM/TUTORING program is an expansion or exposure to skills that can develop into careers or improve academic performance.
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